Friday, 13 March 2009


The clouded moon's pale yellow light
Is filtered through an approaching mist.
Trees rustle in the evening breeze talk to me
Before you appear, framed in the darkening night;
Wisps of hair dancing like snakes unleashed;
Your curls brightly glowing against the light
Like dying embers of some unearthly fire.
As you turn to go my mind silently cries:
"Wait. Wait. Let me look upon you ..."
But the words will not form on my lips.
I try to catch the sleeve of your cerement
But it, like the mist itself, defies my grasp.
I am anchored to the ground as you fade.
You are gone as quickly as you appeared.
.Where you were is empty of your apparition,
Yet I feel your presence lingering, lingering ...
Chilling my soul!

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