Friday, 1 July 2011

The Sixties


Mention of the Sixties must include Julie Christie whose films during that creative decade from Darling to Doctor Zhivago were certainly iconic.

My life as a photographer began in the early Sixties when throughout that decade I ran a photographic studio by day and performed by night as a professional musician in rock 'n' roll, showband and modern jazz groups. Examples of nostalgic pictures taken during that exciting period follow ...

The Southlanders showband for whom I played tenor saxophone.

The street front of my studio in Islington, London, circa mid-Sixties.

One of the studio windows displaying some of my models circa 1967.

Two Californian girls who worked temporarily as models circa 1968.

Blowing tenor saxophone on a rooftop in 1969 — a very Sixties thing!

This model had a "Bonnie Parker" look about her which intrigued me.

I photographed her around the time of the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde.

My best friend during the Fifties and Sixties — guitarist Steve Howe.

Good friend from the Sixties who disappeared — the mystic Robin Kitchen. 

My dear friend Spike Milligan playing cornet. We had much in common.

Model and girlfriend who had a very sultry look — and green eyes.

Saxophone modern jazz solo — probably toward the end of the Sixties.

Model and girlfriend — innocent, beautiful with a softly feminine voice.

For me the most important attribute for a model is her look and her eyes.

She was electrifying when in front of a camera — otherwise very tranquil.

She probably had the greenest eyes ever — we met up again years later.

Composite of various sessions as a saxophonist in the mid to late Sixties.

Atmospheric pictures cannot be contrived — they just happen.

The "Jean Shrimpton" look was very popular with photographers.

Strange and unusual angles in strange and unusual places.

My model portrays a typical dolly-bird look that epitomised the Sixties.

She saw strange things at Highgate Cemetery in 1967.

Impression of transparent spectre witnessed near Highgate Cemetery.

Impression of unearthly entity seen at Highgate Cemetery in the Sixties.

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